String Wound Filter Cartridges

Our string wound filter cartridges, with textile fiber yarn of PP, absorbent cotton and glass fiber wound by special pattern onto Polypropylene, stainless steel or tinned steel skeleton, are structured loose outer layers and tight inner layers which can offer true depth filtration for high dirt holding capacity; and extremely low media migration to ensure temperature and chemical compatibility.   
The main advantage of the string wound filter cartridge is its exceptionally high structural strength, therefore, they can withstand severe operating conditions.  

· Fits all the standard housings
· Low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity and long service life  

· Loose outer layers and tight inner layers offers effective depth filtration   

·   Filter media: polyethylene, cotton, glass fiber  
·   Outside diameter: 55mm,61mm,63mm,65mm,115mm  
·   Inner diameter: 28mm,30mm  
·   Length:5”, 10”, 20” ,30”, 40”  
·   Micron Rating: 0.5 micron, 1micron, 5micron, 10miron,  
            25micron, 30micron, 50micron, 75micron, 100micron……  
·   Polypropylene material for non-organic solvent, maximum  recommended operating
·   Polypropylene material with stainless steel core for non-organic  solvent, maximum
            recommended operating temperatureŁ80oC  
·   Absorbent cotton material filter cartridge with stainless steel  core apply to organic
            solvent, water, oil, alkalinity solvent,  beverage, pharmaceuticals, maximum
            recommended operating  temperatureŁ180oC    
· Various filter media fit with various applications  

·   Chemical lotion, oil and painting  
·   Semiconductor  
·   Daily life water, Food & Beverage  
·   Pharmaceuticals  
·   Electroplating solution  

The Comparison between flow rate & filtration precision:   







  01: 01 µm 

  02: 0.2 µm 

  04: 0.45 µm 

  05: 0.50 µm 

  10: 1.0 µm 

  50: 5.0 µm  100: 10 µm 

 5  :  5” 

10 :  10” 

20 :  20” 

30 :  30”  40 :  40”  

B – Buna –N 

S -  Silicone 

E -  EPDM 

V -  Viton 
T -  Teflon 

None – double open end 

3F -  222 O-ring, Flat end 

7S -  226 O-ring, Fin end 

8S -  222 O-ring, Fin end 
7D -  226 O-ring, Flat end 





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