We are proud to be the factory authorized representative for a broad spectrum of products.  For information on specific products you may click on either the manufacturer's logo below or the product category listed in the column to the left.

In addition to those products that we represent for other manufacturers we also handle our own series of Activated Carbon products - MasterCarb and our own slag removal product - Slag-be-Gone


                    Ion Exchange Resins



  Water Treatment
  Ion Exchange Resin
  Activated Carbon
  RO Membranes
  Pre-Filters &
         Liquid Process Filters
  Metering pump accessories
  Demineralizers & Deaerators
  Chemical Metering &
         Feed Systems Pumps
  Filter Media
         Sand, Gravel & Anthracite
  Streaming Current Detectors
  Pulsation Dampeners
  Wedge Flow Screens
  Calibration Columns

  Custom Skid Mounted Systems

Power & Steam

  Activated carbon
            as an application


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